A Journey With Horses:

BodyMind/EGD Equine Therapy




BodyMind/EGD™ is a unique 2½ hour exploration and validation of authentic Self that utilizes mindfulness, creative journeying, body-based communication and body awareness in an equine environment.  Combining energy work and therapeutic equine interaction, BodyMind/EGD™ excels in working with the emotional issues that impact one’s lifestyle, often the cause of physical complaints. Clients of BodyMind/EGD™ realize a new passion for life that invites abundance and choice. BodyMind/EGD™ can help with grief, anger, fear, chronic pain, addictive behaviours, abuse and other boundary issues. 


What is BodyMind Therapy?


BodyMind Therapy is a 75 minutes session combining energy work, mindfulness, creative journeying and dialogue.  Sessions work with a client’s emotional organization and behavioural patterns. Through questions designed to elicit a more sensory than cognitive response, BodyMind Therapy helps illuminate the patterns that limit us. With conscious awareness of how we are living, we then make informed decisions about how we can thrive and live in abundance.  BodyMind sessions help manifest a deep sense of internal safety that encourages a creative response to life. 


What is EGD™?


An EGD™ (Equine Guided Development) session deepens the understanding of issues explored in the BodyMind session. Horses are excellent mirrors to our internal world and work to gently expose self imposed limitations while supporting our journey.


The 60 min EGD™ session begins with meeting the herd and choosing a horse with which to work. Equine body language and communication is explored as well as the client’s own observations. This is followed by 15 – 20 minutes of self-guided interaction with the horse. The session concludes with the client relating their story and hearing what was witnessed by the facilitator. Self reflective questions are asked both during and after the session.  Clients find EGD™ a safe way to explore boundaries, self-esteem and creative expression.


The combined BodyMind Therapy and EGD™ session is a profound therapeutic experience. BodyMind Therapy and EGD™ can be combined with other modalities or used on their own.



 BodyMind Therapy – 75 minutes $100

EGD™ – 75 minutes $100

BodyMind Therapy/EGD™  – 2½ hours - $175

EGD™ with Empowerment Life Coaching Packages are available (www.empoweredbyhorses.com)


Location – Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center, Abbotsford/Langley border; 45 minutes from Vancouver


For more information please contact


Jo-Ann  (604) 619-3904 ~ earthandsky@telus.net

Carla  (604) 809-3494~ carla@empoweredbyhorses.com




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