Jo-Ann Svensson is a BodyMind Therapist, Writer and the founder of The Creative Living Workshops. She has been in practice since 2000.



After receiving certification as an ARC Health Practitioner, Jo-Ann initiated a government contract for energy practitioners. Within this contract she conducted research studying the efficacy of ARC Bodywork with people in early recovery from substance abuse. Jo-Ann has worked with such diverse populations as street entrenched men and women and those involved in the sex trade. Her work was documented in Massage Magazine and Vancouver's Georgia Straight. Jo-Ann left the public domain and opened a private practice in 2004. She also volunteers at the North Shore Women's Centre's Wellness Program.
Jo-Ann is committed to helping others find an inner sense of trust and safety, treasures which help us live life to its fullest. It is her passion to respond to life with humour and an open, creative heart.
As a writer Jo-Ann speaks her truth in articles about life transitions, loss, trauma and relationships. It is this mode of communication that has helped her grow as both a therapist and teacher and created a following in her regular contributions to Synergy Magazine and her blog, The Interdependent Life. More recently she has found a creative outlet in fiction and is currently working on a collection of short stories.




ARC Certifications


Certified ARC Health Practitioner – 2000

ARC Leadership Certificate – 2006

Certified ARC Teacher – 2007


Advanced Trainings with The ARC Institute:


March 2011 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

April 2010 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

November 2010 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

March 2009 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

July 2009 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

February 2008 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

July 2008 - Treatment of Shock

July 2007 - Adv. Assessment

March 2006 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

July 2006 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

February 2005 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

August 2004 - Spiritual Guidance and Past Lives

April 2003 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

December 2003 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

August 2002 - Adv. Dialogue Tech

March 2001 -
Adv. Dialogue Tech
November 2001- Adv. Dialogue Tech


Other Certifications and Trainings

* Options for Sexual Health, Volunteer Counsellor Training, 2008

* Healing Touch, Level 2b, 2001

* Reiki, Level 2,  2001

* Reflexology Certificate,  2000

* Loving Presence (Introduction), 1999

* Peer Defusing Workshop (5 days), Justice Institute, 1998

* Addiction Counseling Strategies Certificate, 1995
































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